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Lead Installer/ Carpenter

Sola-Lite Texas
$40,000 - $70,000 per year

Lead Installer/ Carpenter

The Opportunity

We know what it feels like to simply be an employee and not be part of a team. To be used as only a tool to help owners of a business make more money. To do the same thing day after day without any opportunity to grow, learn, or earn more.

At Sola-Lite we have found another way to work. Our installers are given steady work, a chance to be part of a team, and an opportunity to grow while being treated with dignity and respect.

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Responsibilities for our Lead Installers are:

  • Work with office staff and field crews
  • Oversee all aspects of construction project from planning to implementation
  • Allocate resources for assigned projects
  • Prepare preliminary construction schedules to be used for estimating and initial client presentations.
  • Supervise and execute projects with onsite personnel and subcontractors
  • Interface with project inspectors, contractors, architects, engineers, city and county officials, and clients
  • Maintain high standards of workmanship that adhere to original plans and specifications
  • Complete all paperwork and administration for jobs and other office work.

If you are interested in joining our family and learning how truly different working for Sola-Lite can be, please...

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Entry-Level (1 - 3 years)